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The Raincloud Victoria, 76 Vincent Square, Westminster, London, SW1P 2PD



Radix is a think tank for the radical centre of contemporary politics. Our aim is to re-imagine the way government, institutions and society function based on open source participative citizenship.

We believe that the framing of politics as right versus left belongs to a bygone age. It leads to limited perspectives and political paralysis. We live in an exciting era fizzing with ideas, dynamism and human potential. Capturing this energy and converting it to political action can only be achieved by engaging with a radical centrism that is bold and that rejects viewing every issue from the limited perspectives of right and left - both inherently conservative forces.

Radix is a bold project to kick-start the thinking that is needed for politics to embrace technology, innovation, social and cultural change. We explore approaches that can harness the creativity of our time. Our areas of focus are the political economy, enterprise, technology and finance. We believe that these areas offer the greatest potential for positive change.


Challenging established notions. Re-imagining our societies

Our goal is a sustainable society where all citizens can live securely with dignity, are active participants in society and are free to pursue their own interpretation of the good life.

We aim to achieve this by re-imagining the way our institutions function through utilizing contemporary ideas and technologies.

We exist to translate this thinking into practical policy solutions. We seek, to help bring the vitality of thinking outside the establishment to bear on the issues we all face.

We are determined to challenge received wisdom. To be provocative enough to shake our institutions out of their complacency. We seek to undermine entrenched interests.

We explore the potential of open source, participative citizenship that is now possible in a way that it never was in the past. To, re-empower citizens to take charge of their own destinies.